Welcome to the Website of Burrelton Primary School

At Burrelton we strive to provide our young people with an inspiring and meaningful curriculum by creating a positive, nurturing and highly motivating environment for teaching and learning. Our staff provide a relevant and child centred approach to learning in order to equip our young people with skills for learning, life and work.
Burrelton Primary dates back to 1878, and is situated on School Road. Burrelton is a small village in the beautiful Strathmore valley and our pupils come from Burrelton, Woodside and the neighbouring countryside including Campmuir. The school holds an important role within its local community and regularly holds events which support the strong community spirit in the area.
Our school website contains a range of information which we hope you will find useful. Along with providing information, we also hope you will be able to interact with us through surveys relating to what we are doing in school! Positive partnerships with pupils, parents and the community are vital to help us continue to move forward.
Mrs Angela Thomson
Head Teacher


23-05-2024 12:30: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 23-05-2024 12:30

End Time: 23-05-2024 13:15

Additional Info: Red Meal: Quorn Dog Roll** with Potato Wedges (V). Blue Meal: Chilli Loaded Wedges (Ve). Orange Meal: Cauliflower Cheese with Crusty Bread (V). Sides: Peas. Dessert: Chocolate Ice Cream with Peaches (V). ** May Contain Sesame (V) Vegetarian (Ve) Vegan

24-05-2024 12:30: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 24-05-2024 12:30

End Time: 24-05-2024 13:15

Additional Info: Lentil & Tomato Soup (Ve). Red Meal: Chicken & Tomato Pasta with Crusty Bread. Blue Meal: Breaded Fish with Chips. Orange Meal: Chickpea & Sweetcorn Mayo Wrap with Salad Selection (V). Sides: Peas & Sweetcorn. (V) Vegetarian (Ve) Vegan

27-05-2024 12:30: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 27-05-2024 12:30

End Time: 27-05-2024 13:15

Additional Info: Milkshake (V), Breadsticks** & Dip (V). Red Meal: Tomato Pasta (Ve) with Crusty Bread (Ve*). Blue Meal: Sweet Potato & Coconut Curry with Rice (V). Orange Meal: Quorn Dog Roll** with Potato Wedges (V). Sides: Peas & Carrots. * May contain nuts (V) Vegetarian (Ve) Vegan (Ve*) May contain Egg/Milk

28-05-2024 12:30: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 28-05-2024 12:30

End Time: 28-05-2024 13:15

Additional Info: Red Meal: Cheese & Tomato Pizza with Diced Potatoes (V). Blue Meal: Chicken Sausages in Gravy with Diced Potatoes. Orange Meal: Ham Sandwich with Salad Selection. Sides: Broccoli. Dessert: Gingerbread Sponge with Apple Slices (V). (V) Vegetarian

29-05-2024 12:30: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 29-05-2024 12:30

End Time: 29-05-2024 13:15

Additional Info: Red Meal: Steak Pie with Boiled Potatoes. Blue Meal: Macaroni Cheese with Garlic & Herb Bread (V). Orange Meal: Salmon Fishcake with Boiled Potatoes. Sides: Green Beans. Dessert: Oat Biscuit with Fruit Cocktail (Ve). (V) Vegetarian (Ve) Vegan